We Make Beautiful Custom Made Website Built To Grow Your Business

We Make Beautiful Custom Made Website Built To Grow Your Business

Our Website Design

Our belief is that all businesses no matter their size should have an online presence to cater for all potential clients they can never reach in person and to easily provide the solutions that their clients are looking for. The best way to achieve this is through a website as it is an online representation of your business. A website is a business tool that can be used to grow your business. A website allows you to be easily reachable to anyone who is looking for your services, allows you to educate your visitors on the products and services you offer and to persuade them into customers.

Here at Recode we know that all businesses are different, even those that are in the same industry. That is why we create websites that are customized to cater for you and your business needs. Whether it is a business website to showcase your services, an eCommerce store or a blog rest assured that we can build it. At the end of the day we believe that by getting to know you and your business, our website design should help your business grow. This is our vision and coupled that with our passion and knowledge for web design and development, we would like to build your website.

Some Of Our Work

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Instant Websites

If you are looking for an affordable website designed for your business, then our instant websites are for you. These are template based websites.

To get a website, we will first get to know your business, after which you will pick a template from beautiful, already designed website templates we will present to you. We will then add in your information and change the branding to match yours.

The design and layout of the sections will not be changed. All templates are beautiful, mobile optimized, and easy to navigate for your customers.

Price: USD $140 - USD $300

Business Websites

Get your business online today,through custom made website that meets your needs. Our business websites are made from scratch, with the customer’s needs in mind. Our websites cover a range of needs such as:

  • Appointment Booking.
  • Services/Product Advertising.
  • Building Brand Awareness.
  • Showing Your Work Or Your Portfolio.
  • Proposal/Quote Requests.
  • Offering A Way For Your Customers To Contact You.
  • Lead Generation.

and much more.

Price: USD $250 - USD $650

Advanced Business Websites

We understand that every business is unique. That is why we offer specific tailored made website solutions for your business. No-matter what type of business you run there is a website solution to help you grow your business. Its all possible! Let us help you grow your business.

Price: USD $400 - USD $3000

Please note: Actual costs may vary depending on various attributes such as number of pages, needs and functionality.

Our Process


This process involves analysis of the problem presented to us,that is getting to know your business,the purpose of the website, your goals and learning your target audience.From this we are then able to recommend a solution of how we are to implement the website.


At this stage we explore and develop the look and feel of the website. By looking at a few example websites and understanding the reasoning behind how your fell about them we can identify the style suitable for you and your website,we can then move onto development.


During this process we get to bring the selected design to life.We also add in all the content for the website as well as develop the custom features and functionality that will be required for the website.All websites will be mobile responsive and multi browser compatible.

Testing & Deployment

Here we thoroughly test your website to see if it meets the goals that were set.We then test the functionality of the website.We then launch the website onto our servers if your host with us or the web host of choice.We can also manage the maintenance of your website

Benefits Of Website Design

Benefits of Website Design

Website Features


We believe that each and every user deserves a pleasant user experience each time they visit your website. That is why we create beautiful websites that will impress your audience and leave them wanting to view more.


We value how your users interact with your website and their experiences. We believe in creating websites that are easy to use for anyone. That is why, we strive to implement this element in each and every design we make.


Our end goal it to produce a website that will meet the goals you the client would have set. That is why we take the time to get to know your business so that we can come up with a solution that will cater to your needs.


With more and more users now viewing websites on their mobile devices,we offer websites that are responsive on any device and in any browser, so that your users can view your website anywhere any time on any device.

Request A Website Proposal

We are so exicted to start working with you.Let us start on your website right away.

Website Design

Request A Website Proposal

We are so exicted to start working with you.Let us start on your website right away.

Website Design