Featured Project: Kakic Universe

Project: Website Design & Development

About Kakic Universe

Kakic Universe is an animation studio in Zimbabwe.We are driven to produce excellent, high quality animations and productions. Our work is not just for entertainment, but we strive to inspire people, we strive to tell stories that impact generations. Paving the way for the animation industry in Zimbabwe.

Project Scope

Kakic Universe wanted a website to showcase all the different content they produce which includes animations,illustrations and more. They also wanted to showcase their own journey and growth as a company to their customers.

The solution was a corporate website that showcased their business side whilst displaying the different content they produce.The website has a very good and enjoyable blog as well as tons of video animations,illustrations and graphic design artwork.


Some of the major features of the website include:

  • Blog
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Contact Forms
  • Image & Video Galleries for Artwork


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