Digital Marketing: Why Your Business Needs To Invest In It Today.

With the rise of the internet and of electronic devices, the modern day consumer is looking for solutions to their problem online. As a business you need to position yourself online to provide the solutions that your customers are looking. There comes in digital marketing.

Below we will talk about what is digital marketing, why your business needs digital marketing and the different types of digital marketing channels that are there.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing comprises of all marketing efforts that use electronic devices and online technologies. Businesses can market their products or services through digital channels such as websites, social media, email, search engine optimization and other digital channels.

Why your business needs digital marketing?

Digital marketing is crucial for your brand awareness and business growth. With digital marketing your business has access to a global audience. 

The number of potential customers found online that are looking for the product or service that you are providing are much larger than the potential customers you are able to attract locally.

When using digital marketing, you are able to get in front of the right type of customers your business is looking for. This will allow you to easily cater to your customer’s needs.

With digital marketing, you have the ability to interact with your potential customers and learn exactly what they want. They also get a chance to personally know you. This all leads to greater brand awareness and trust.

By opting to use digital marketing and not traditional marketing, you are able to reach more customers for less money than with traditional marketing.  

Below we will get into detail about the different types of digital marketing channels that your business can benefit from.

Types of digital marketing.

1. Website.

Your website is your ultimate online presence. With a website you have a 24/7, 365 days, a year online business representative that’s is there to serve your customers. With a website you can reach more people you can never reach in person.

Your website is accessible to anyone, from anywhere and at any time. A website can help you create a great first impression to your potential customers, thereby creating trust in your brand.

If you don’t have a website yet then read our article on why your business needs a website.

A website gives you a platform to share your message and shape how customers perceive your business. You get to show them what makes you unique and what you are good at.

With a website you get to educate your customers about your products and services and why they should choose you as their provider of choice.

If you are looking to have a successful website, then read our article on the 3 key elements that make a successful website.

Our Client: Kakic Universe Productions
A Website We Made For One Of Our Clients, Kakic Universe. Here There Are Showcasing Their Work To Their Customers.

2. Social Media Marketing.

With over 3.7 global billion users, social media is the perfect digital marketing channel you can use to increase your brand awareness, engage with your target audience and generate leads.

By using social media marketing, you can connect and market your products and services to your potential customers on a platform they spend most of their time on.

Business can market on social media platforms such as Facebook which has over 2.2 billion users or Instagram which has 1 billion monthly active users or on other social media platforms such as linkden, twitter, snap chat, pinterest and many more.

As a business you can use engaging pictures, text, hashtags and videos to share quality content that your target audience will enjoy, to increase awareness of your brand or of a particular product and to collect leads and turn them into sells.

If you want to grow your business through social media marketing, then get in touch with us.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Networks
Social Media Marketing: Social Media Networks

3. Social Media Marketing: Paid Advertising.

If you want to expand your reach on social media quicker, then paid advertising on social media is the way to go. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube allow you to advertise to your potential customers.

With paid advertising you get to put your ads in front of the exact type of people you want to make customers.

Your paid advertisements could be about bringing brand awareness or about marketing a specific product, service, promotion, app or offer.

Paid advertising gives you the opportunity of re-marketing which lets your convert window shoppers into definite buying customers using targeted re-marketing strategies.

4. Search engine optimization.

Most people look for solutions to their problems online. Usually they will use a search engine such as Google or Bing to get answers to what they are looking for.

One of the best ways to get people to know about your business is by your website being listed on these search engines.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks higher on search engine results pages. A well optimized website will appear on the first page of search engine result pages.

There are 3 elements of search engine optimization that your website needs to optimize in order for your website to rank higher:

i. Technical Search Engine Optimization.

Technical seo focuses on the technical aspects of your website such as how fast your website is or how your website is coded. It also focuses on things such as a sitemap which is a guide that search engines use to go through your website.

Another important ranking factor is an SSL Certificate. Websites which have a SSL rank higher than websites without an SSL.

Technical seo  is very important as it is the foundation of your seo. If your website is not SSL secured, then consider switching your hosting to us. We provide SSL certificates with our website hosting.

ii. On Page Search Engine Optimization

This kind of seo centers on all the content that exist on a page. You as a business are responsible for creating content that is informative and engages your customers.

This will ensure your customers stay on your website for as long as possible. On page seo also involves keyword research which are words that you customers may use to search for content they are interested in.

iii. Off Page Search Engine Optimization

With off page seo, the focus is on activity that is not on your website but could affect how your website may rank on search engines. This is about links from other websites linking to your website.

These links are called back-links.

The number of other websites that link to you and how relevant they are to the content you are producing could affect how highly you can rank on search engines.

By writing guest blog posts on other websites and linking back to your website and networking with other publishers you can rank higher in search results.

Domain Name Registration
Get Your Website Listed On Search Engines Such As Google and Bing.

5. Search Engine Marketing

With search engine optimization you concentrate on getting customers to your website organically, search engine marketing involves getting customers to your website through paid search listings.

Using search engine marketing, your website will appear at the top of search engine pages, above organic results created by search engine optimization. This gives your website even more visibility as your website will be the first thing they see.

How much It will cost varies according to the keyword you will want to rank for. An Example of platforms that provide Search engine marketing is Google Adwords.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing. Get Listed Above Organic Search Engine Results And Bring More Visibility To Your Website.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is all about using emails to communicate with your customers. You can use emails to build trust and create brand awareness with your customers.

Emails can be used to promote content, share discounts, promotions and events and to move your customer along the buyer journey.

With email marketing you can take a potential customer from the awareness stage (I do not know you stage) to the consideration stage (I am interested in what you are offering stage) to the decision stage (I am ready to buy stage) easily.

You can share content that will introduce your customers to who you are, what you are offering and how they can benefit from it. You can then share testimonials, or case studies to show social proof of what you are offering.

Once you feel they are ready to buy, you can then send them to your order page for your product or service, or even give them a special discount to get started with.

The types of emails you can send include blog subscription emails, customer nurturing emails, special promotions and discounts emails, customer welcome emails and follow up emails to a website visitor who downloaded something or performed a certain action on your website.

7. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a digital marketing channel that focuses on the creation, publishing and distributing of relevant and high value content to attract more customers, to build better relationships with them and to persuade them that your business is the one they should go with.

Content writing isn’t about selling the product but rather about educating the customer on the product, its benefits or shortcomings, how to use it, tips and tricks.

By doing content marketing you show the customer that you are an expert in the field and that you can be trusted.

Examples of content marketing include blog post, e-books and whitepapers, infographics and social media posts. Content marketing is all about building your brand.

Which Digital Marketing Channels Should My Business Use?

Digital marketing can work for any business in any industry. Businesses are different, even those in the same industry are different.

So with that in mind not all businesses should implement digital marketing in the same way.

Below we will discuss how the different digital channels listed above can be used by different types of businesses.

B2B Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for business to business companies is more likely to be focused around online lead generation with the final objective being to speak to a salesperson.

With that in my mind, your digital marketing strategy should be centered on attracting and converting the highest quality leads to send to your salesperson on your website.

The digital marketing channels a business to business company can use besides their website include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing and email marketing.

They can also use social media marketing with platforms such as Linkden and Facebook.

B2C Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for a business to consumer company is more likely focused around attracting people to your website, making them buy a product without needing to speak to a salesperson.

With this is my mind, your digital marketing strategy should focus on educating your customers, showing them how they benefit from your product and send them to your website to buy or order the product.

The digital marketing channels a business to consumer company can use besides their website include, social media marketing with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where they can easily showcase their products, paid advertising, content marketing and email marketing. 

Email marketing allows you to quickly and easily take your customer from brand awareness to a buying customer.

Digital Marketing and The Buyer’s Journey.

The type of content you will create determines the success of your digital marketing.  Certain type of content works best when applied on certain stages of the buyer’s journey.

Below we will show you the types of content that work well for the different stages of the decision journey:

Awareness Stage

At this stage you are looking to increase your brand awareness. Blog posts are great for awareness as they increase your organic traffic. They also make people spend more time on your website.

Social media posts are also great for awareness as they can be shared. If a person enjoys a post, they are more likely to share it with their network, meaning other people may get to know your brand through them.

Short videos on YouTube are a great way to bring brand awareness as videos are more engaging and they are easily shareable.

Consideration Stage

At this stage, the buyer is looking to learn more and are interested in what you are offering. E-books are great for consideration as they go more in-depth on a concept than a blog post.

This allows you to address all of the customer’s needs and any objections they may have, making them want to buy from you.

Research reports and webinars are also other great content types you may use to address all of the user’s needs.

Decision Stage

Here the buyer is ready to make a purchasing decision. Case studies and testimonials can help positively influence the buyer to make a purchase.

By showing social proof of other people who have bought the product or service and how they have benefited from the product, it becomes easier for a customer, to purchase a product.


Digital marketing could be the key that grows your business tenfold. Picking the right digital marketing channels and the right type of content is the key to succeeding with digital marketing.

If you are serious about implementing a winning digital marketing strategy that will get results for your business then get in touch with us.

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